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Mar 102010

I know you’re not supposed to, but I like it! On a similar vein running with scissors never appealed to me.  It seems to me that “all” the real photographers have a couple of shots that are in their portfolios.  Maybe not, but I sure see alot of stained glass windows, broken down vehicles, bridges, train tracks, and matches.  This was my attempt to be “real”

This was a really fun shot to create.  I got a 8.5X11 sheet of paper and spray painted it black that was my backdrop.  Using my tripod I got as close as I could focus.  Then I set up my flash at 1/64 power with an envelope out of the junk mail pile so that the flame was shielded from the flash, but the stick was lit and there was a bounce from the counter top. This is a fairly tight crop of the picture but other than that this is SOOC.

I love the detail on the match-head and the corona at the edge of the flame. This picture is dedicated to my inner firebug. 😀

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Feb 272010

I have stated before that I have very little interest in Macro Photography.  That being said I repeat something that Rich Legg (link) said at my first Photowalkingutah.com event.  “All things in photography are connected.  If you learn something in one aspect you can apply it to something else.”  My friend Mike (no link yet 😀 )just bought a little $10 reversal ring (link) that turns your regular lenses into a macro lens, and he let me try it out.  I was fairly impressed; it’s not a 105mm, but it was $10!

This picture was made with the reversal ring on my 55-200mm.  We had to lower the screen of the the laptop and use a piece of paper for a bounce card for the speed-light in the hot shoe.  The other WWMD piece of this picture was using the mug I have for my Moutain Dew as a “tripod”.  Oddly, this is a full color picture, but the keyboard is a metallic silver and appears to be B&W.

Kind of a fun picture. I might have to try some more 🙂

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Feb 242010

I am canning tonight. This is the shot I made while I was getting ready.

The set up for this was a single 100W 5700K bulb 45 degrees front and to the left of the jars. Then I used my speed light with a home-made snoot out of old newspaper to light the white background. I had to use GIMP to extend the the light into a couple of darker areas.

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Feb 222010

Somehow chess has taken over my house… I’m not sure how I’ve never been into chess and my wife has never expressed any interest in it.  The kids finally convinced her to go to a chess club at the local library and have been hooked ever since.


I really, really like this picture. This is a major WWMD (What Would Macgyver Do) shot. I really was hoping that I could figure out how to use my flash off camera. No such luck. So a crappy little LED flash light on a tote held in place by my wife, a long shutter speed and there you go. I converted it to BW in camera and used GIMP to clean up some of the dirt and dings in the board.

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Feb 212010

The lighting project I was working on yesterday is done (kinda). I actually have a mock-up and was able to use it. So tonight I decided to use the set up and get a more technical picture. I wanted to get the the effect that you see with a white seamless background and one liquid pouring into another.

I am going to try again, but I am really liking what I got on the first try. It is just white paper and my spider light shining on the paper, and a reflective surface on the opposite side I think it will be better when I have both of the lights ready to go. I would also remove alot of the water droplets on the edge of the glass.

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Feb 182010

My hard drive has been failing for quite a while.  I finally got around to getting a new and I am in the fun process of rebuilding from a backup.  I do like Windows 7 for the record, but my primary system is a Fedora version of Linux.

Once again this is a picture that I am not thrilled with the focus it does not seem as sharp as it ought to be.  I do like the angles and how I used the rule of thirds in a diagonal.  the color contrast is nice as well.  I used a speed light and a 8.5X11 piece of paper to create some fill light on the right side.

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Feb 162010

Like all journeys this one has a beginning.  This one started in Logan as I went to take pictures in honor of my one year anniversary of getting my Nikon D40.  While I was there Belinda said you need to do a 365 challenge with me.  I wanted to but was unsure.  I took this picture of the sushi just in case I decided that I was going to go through with it.

I arranged the food and cleared the table of things I could see through the view finder, and snapped off a couple of shots.  After adjusting the white balance I liked the color.  I like the lines and and the angles.  I wish the shadows weren’t so harsh.  I Macgyvered a couple of things with this shot.  I used a chopstick wrapper as a flash diffuser (to try and soften the shadows and add some fill) and used a napkin (clean of course) as a “gray” card to set the WB.

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