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Feb 042011

If I have one character trait I hate it is my overly timid nature.  Those who know me are howling and scoffing right now, but I do put on quite a brave (some might say obnoxious) face.  Inside I struggle with every single decision, and more so with every interaction.  Anyway the point is I am coming to the end of my 365 and I don’t know what to do… I love the 365 it has been an amazing learning experience, but I also loved it when I ran the Angry Gardner Photo Challenge (LINK).  I tried to do both early in the my 365 and had to kill the challenge.  I had a couple of disappointed people.  Anyway here I stand in the light; afraid to step into the darkness, again. Thoughts, advice, heck even ridicule would be greatly appreciated.

PS I did not really push the button on the camera.  I set the lighting and then explained my vision to my wife who actually took the picture.

Ghetto, sometimes if it’s not ghetto it’s not going to happen in my house.  I only have one snoot and I needed two for this shot.

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May 032010

Prevents Poor Performance.  I have taken to sharpening my own knives.  That way I can always guarantee that the knives I use are in the correct “shape”.  I believe that success in the kitchen begins and ends with the knife.  A good sharp knife and using correct skills makes everything so much easier.  Cooking is like anything else, you have to put lots of time in doing boring tedious stuff that way when the moment of truth arrives everything is second nature.

50mm reversed f/22 1.6s
This was a tough picture for me to get all right.  Getting the mill marks lit correctly without over exposing the metal was a bear, and get the right details in focus was just as hard.  This was as good as I could get, but it was fun to try.

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Apr 162010

This is the most important herb in my pantry. I love basil or as the Italians call it Basilico.

50mm reversal ring f/22 5s

I spent a lot of time on getting this right and that was after I thought I had found a good picture. That has led me to another post. I have posted every picture I took yesterday in trying to get a picture ready for the challenge. Please check it out (link).

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Apr 062010

One of my favorite Italian meals is torts in brodo (tortellini in broth). The recipe is incredibly simple: a can of beef broth, a crushed clove of garlic, 1 lb of dry tortellini, 1 tbs chopped parsley, and as much shredded Parmigiana as you can get away with using. Here is one part can you guess which?

I took this with a nifty-50 on a reversal ring. I can tell that we (Christy grabbed it and took a couple of really fun pics also) are going to have a lot of fun with this method.

As a 2-fer here are a couple of the pictures Christy took with it.  I like them better than mine.

This is the off a bottle of Cholula

This is daffodil that is our centerpiece now.  This is SOOC, pretty awesome huh!  I think it looks like a watercolor.

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Apr 012010

I had fun trying this shot.  I have been trying to conceptualize it for a while; this was the attempt to make it happen.  I have had this knife for 20 years I rarely use it, but I have it.

55mm f/18 1/100s SB-600 to the right bounced off a white paper

This was very hard to get what I wanted. I wanted the knife crystal clear and bright with the background completely dark. I just couldn’t figure out how with the equipment and knowledge that I had/have.

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Mar 302010

Most of you know my dirty-little-open-fact… I really, REALLY, REALLY like Mountain Dew. In high school my friends and I referred to this golden elixir as the “Essence of Life” or Essence for short.

40mm  f/36  1/100s   SB-600@ 1/128 power from underneath

This was a hard shot for me. I had to find a platform so that the flash was under the glass, and focusing in the dark was a challenge to say the least. Lighting the handle was the hardest,and after I had finally given up I noticed a flashlight, bummer.

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Mar 252010

This was another experimentation session. I wanted to try out two off camera flashes. Mike and I rigged up both of our SB-600s and even “gelled” them with the red ends of post-it tape flags. This is my key chain from work 🙂 it is also what comes on every bottle of Blair’s many hot sauces so I have alot.

55mm f/5.6 1/30s 2 SB-600 “gelled” red and placed directly to the right and to the rear and left

I am thrilled with this picture. It was a lot of fun to make, and I am happy with the textures, the “red” background, the colors in general. Added to the fact how much fun it was to make, just great.

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Mar 132010

A couple in our neighborhood got married yesterday.  I figured it would be a good chance to try a “wedding” photo.

I really need to start putting the shot information down, maybe tomorrow 🙂 This was done with my D40 and plastic cup as a brace, I ain’t proud. I feel ok about the results. There could have been a better focus on main subject.

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