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Jan 282011

They only turn the “A” on Old Main blue for special occasions. I’m not sure how they could have known I was back on campus, but I really appreciate the thought. Really it was great to be back on USU’s campus I truly do miss it. The best years of my life (so far) were when I was there working on campus, and dreaming of being where I am now. Who would have thought.

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Nov 162010

I was looking at this lamp that my kids have. It is sparkly and changes colors, very cool indeed. I thought a longer exposure with a close up would be very nice. I tried and I tried and I tried I could not get anything but this rubbish. Good thing I get to try again tomorrow.

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Oct 222010

Yes, I know it is spelled skies. I like this spelling for this picture, I don’t know why. Jeesh people its just a blog. 🙂

My Dad I and were talking about taking pictures of the full moon.  I figured I would try to get one.   I saw the moon and went to get the tripod, camera, etc and the clouds had rolled in, I was fairly frustrated.   I figured I would try anyway, and I love the results.  This is pretty much out of camera I played with the contrast and the clarity on the moon and that was it.

300mm f/8 1/2s

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Oct 032010

So yesterday I spent most of the day working on my daughters room.  I love sanding sheetrock, more accurately drywall mud.  As I was sanding there were times that I almost could not see the opposite wall.  Anyway, to give you an idea; this hat was dark olive drab it the beginning of the day. Now imagine my lungs. 🙂

105mm f/8 1/200s

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Oct 022010

So its late Friday night and I am trying to get me a shot of something.  I finally had some inspiration, an egg being dropped and a picture taken at the moment of impact.  Yeah, it would be cool.  I started by getting the lights set up I used a bottle of Moutain Dew for my subject while I did this.

180mm f/22 1/200s From roughly 10 feet away. Pretty cool details huh.

So everything is set up. Well I couldn’t do rapid fire shooting to get the egg when I wanted it so I had to settle for an after shot. Notice anything different 🙁 I must have bumped the tripod and not the focus off. The paper was a nightmare to work with I am never using scripture paper again from now on I am using the cover paper form the Ensign.

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Sep 302010

Whip it good.

This was a shot I have been planning for quite a while now. It is fairly generic, but I found it difficult to get right with the tools at my disposal (2 SB-600 and a homemade spiderlight)

145mm f/11 1/160s Flashes on the background and the spiderlight on the whisk. I need to figure out how to get the whipped cream to look right on the whisk as well.

What’s whip cream without pie?

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Aug 082010

The Photowalking Utah gang went out the Salt Flats to photograph the Utah Rocket Club annual Hellfire rocket shoot. It was a blast. We,the older kids and I, went out and got there just in time to see Sgt. Pepper fly. It went 5 miles up (yes they had to get FAA permission) and it was amazing. We had a really great time the kids played in the salt like it was snow and we got to see how fast the Expedition goes (95 mph that was floored for a couple of miles). I am putting more of my pictures on the Photowalkingutah.com group site if you are interested.

200mm f/5.6 1/1000s

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Aug 042010

I was done for the day and actually asleep.  However, something woke me up, and I remembered I had not taken a picture.  So at a 11:45pm I set up the tripod and got a picture of the night sky. The “UFO” is an airplane going acrossed the sky.

26mm f/8 60s

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Aug 032010

I don’t know why when I saw this stream I focused right on the plant growing in the middle.  It has a fairly precarious position.  Surrounded by danger and in a place that could be gone at any minute, but that is where it is and that is where it is thriving.

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Aug 022010

You may know it as pull apart bread.  I know it as monkey bread.  We had some left over caramel sauce that I had made and my wife came up with a great way to use it.  It was really really good.  We plowed through the whole thing in less than a half hour.

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