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Feb 082011

I love the Superbowl, not for the game, not for the commercials, but for the food. This year I made baked chedderwaurst with sauerkraut. Holy yummy. I also made my favorite marinated shrimp salad. The battle today, while not the Packers vs. the Steelers is between my two pictures.

Which do you prefer.



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Feb 042011

If I have one character trait I hate it is my overly timid nature.  Those who know me are howling and scoffing right now, but I do put on quite a brave (some might say obnoxious) face.  Inside I struggle with every single decision, and more so with every interaction.  Anyway the point is I am coming to the end of my 365 and I don’t know what to do… I love the 365 it has been an amazing learning experience, but I also loved it when I ran the Angry Gardner Photo Challenge (LINK).  I tried to do both early in the my 365 and had to kill the challenge.  I had a couple of disappointed people.  Anyway here I stand in the light; afraid to step into the darkness, again. Thoughts, advice, heck even ridicule would be greatly appreciated.

PS I did not really push the button on the camera.  I set the lighting and then explained my vision to my wife who actually took the picture.

Ghetto, sometimes if it’s not ghetto it’s not going to happen in my house.  I only have one snoot and I needed two for this shot.

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Feb 012011

Today I wanted to do something a little different. I am trying to add to my body of knowledge. I wanted to see the difference between a “poor man’s” softbox and an umbrella.

I tried to keep everything equal except for the umbrella. The settings on the camera and flashes remained the same but my daughter did move a little. I think that I will try it again with no light on the background just for fun.

This is with the umbrella collapsed (poor man’s softbox)

This is with the umbrella opened. I was surprised that there was not a much bigger difference but you can see a little more wrapping on this picture and the lines are a little softer than they are on the above picture. Look at the bridge of the nose for an easy to see line.

Here is a basic lighting diagram for my setup.

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Jan 302011

I have outgrown my camera bag.  So after thinking about it I decided that I would get a Pelican case not only would it give me room to grow, but it also would provides the protection needed from my 3 year old.

At least that is what I thought until I read the warranty.  Make sure you read the last line. 😀

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Jan 252011

I have been very impressed by the 365 efforts of those that have started this year.  However, Jeremy Hall’s, 364 Clicks,  has really made me think again why I started this crazy little project.  I’m afraid I have lost sight of why I wanted to do this.  Jeremy has taken efforts to really think about his pictures before he take them. That is something I really need to do more. I realize I am not in the same league as most of the people who visit this slice of the Internet, but I need to do better with the skills I do have. Here is my renewed effort with the skills, equipment, and time that I had for tonight.

Here is the color also.  I really debated, but ended up going for the B&W for my main picture. I just liked it better I loved how the texture in the B&W just pops.

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Jan 242011

Yes, that is my three year old.  If there is anything we can do in 5 he can undo in 2.  I was just playing around with my camera trying just practicing.  I had plans for a big nice food shoot later in the evening.  Life got in the way and my just for fun playing around shots are the ones that made it here.

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Jan 232011

I wish I could go to a man and get my photography vision tuned up.  They do it for my eyeballs why not for what they see.

This is definitely out of my style, but it did turn out kind of how I wanted. Nothing for me is clear, somethings are just a little less blurry.

This was actually shot through my new glasses. It was almost impossible to get any kind of focus. The wide open aperture also gives it the blur I was wanting.

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Jan 222011

Sure its not where I live, but it is where I belong.

“Sometimes you just want to go where everybody knows your name.” -Cheers

You know you have issues when its 17 degrees your standing there with no coat to get a picture. Then after you take the picture you think it would look better if all the light was the same color and walk the 100 yards back to the car to get CTO gels and forget your coat. All for a picture that you know will not be perfect anyway, not a chance I could hold that much weight still for a 1/5 of a second.

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Jan 212011

I was trying to get a picture of the “silver” tooth my son was so proud of…. I just didn’t like any of them while I was waiting around for him I started taking pictures of the inside of my umbrella.

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Jan 202011

My kids love to play games: video, card, board, any type of games.  Sometimes I remember that they won’t always want me around , and play with them. While it may not always be “fun” it is always interesting.  Here we are trying to play Harry Potter Clue it has proved interesting as the 3 y/o must have his turn rolling the dice and moving random pieces, the 8 y/o is playing the rules from memory, and the 12 y/o is reading the official rules. My wife had to make the dice we use; she kept asking to let her take it out of the picture nope there they are 😀

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