Aug 092010

I think that I have said before that when I am at a loss for a picture I turn to macro.  It goes to a quote I like that basically says if your picture isn’t interesting you’re not close enough.

50mm reversed f/5.6 1/125s

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Jul 022010

Come on everybody together now (to tune of Tom Petty Free Fall’n)
Now I’m Free, Free Lens’n
Yeah I’m Free, Free Lens’n
Free lensing is the practice of holding your lens off the camera so that light a can come into the body from the edges. It produces some really cool light effects. This was my version, I took my nify-50 flipped it around and held it at an angle. I then used Lightroom to bring out the color in the eye.

50mm reversed f/16 1/60s
I really like this picture. To me it has a really cool effect.

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Jun 282010

We were at a family dinner to celebrate my cousin coming back from his LDS Mission. As soon as I saw this dish come in I know that I had to have a picture of it.

105mm f/8 1/80s
I was hand holding both the plate and the camera so the focus is softer than I would have wanted.

Day 132 – Thistle
Yeah I know this is unorthodox, but hey it’s my blog and I’ll post what want to. I really liked both of these pictures but for different reasons the top is something I love the bottom something I hate. When I was young, 10-13 I am guessing. Acrossed the street between the road and “sidewalk” from our house was a field of these Russian Thistles. I am not sure it was a punishment for some wrong doing I had done (or was going to do), but one of my jobs during the summer was to go and cut down these evil plants. If you have never had any dealings with thistles they have thorns awful thorns. Anyway I remember clearly being in this mess of plants taller than me trying to cut them down with a shovel and then trying to dodge them as they came down. Then moving them to a pile with the stupid thorns going through my glove like butter. I kept dreaming that someone see my struggles and give me a reward/key to the city/interview in the newspaper. Alas nothing not even a thank you from the lady acrossed the street. Rarely, do I see that space without thinking back to how hard and miserably I worked doing a thankless job cleaning out an area that wasn’t even ours. I am amazed that I am as well adjusted as I am.

105mm f/8 1/250s

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Jun 262010

Sorry today is very much like yesterday’s. I had so much fun that I wanted to try some different things. I’m not sure how I can apply this, but it was fun getting 3 different color on a white board. OK, so I managed to delete the picture I was going to use off my card. Of course I kept the ones I wasn’t fond of, but got rid of the ones I liked, crap. So as per the “rules” here is a picture I took on the day in question, and as per my desire (I am the benevolent dictator of this Internets space) here is a picture that I like that I took the next day .

50mm f/7.1 1/200s SB-600@1/128 power to left gelled green on camera flash @1/128 gelled purple

105mm f/3.3 1/200s

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Jun 232010

I took 76 pictures trying to get an acceptable shot of this. I will be trying again, and next time I will be tying the tree down so that I am not trying to hit a moving target with my “macro” lens.

50mm reversed f/16 1/160s

I used the sunny 16 rule for this. The sunny 16 rule is at f/16 in full sun the shutter speed should equal the ISO. I had to go 2/3rd of a stop under because of the shade under the leaf.

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May 152010

I didn’t do much on the shed today all the work done was Nolan.  There was an emergency at work (we lost power to the building and the back up generator was iffy).  So I dropped my hammer and went into work while Nolan plugged onward.   Which was kind of a bummer; you see I love using my nail gun.

I couldn’t decide which of the pictures I liked better so today is a twofer.

Technically, this was taken the next morning after we had raised the last two walls.

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