Dec 132010

It took us until December 13th to finally get a tree into the house. The first part of the Christmas season was taken up be stress over my trip to Chicago and my son’s baptism we never got everything in line until now.  So as the kids played with the tree I used my phone to get a couple of over-processed pics :)

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Nov 292010

Let me clarify, the dinner was incredible, but it followed a very overwhelming and depressing day.

My first day of class was very hard. I did not understand anything that was going on in the class. I was exhausted, brain-dead, and lonely. So I ducked into a little sushi place in the same building that the class was being held. I got the all you can eat sushi, and started experimenting. This was a spicy tuna roll which was amazing, but my least favorite; thing everything was so good.  I walked away from this experience with a new weakness… tempura vegetables… yummmy :)

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Nov 092010

That just seem to slip away. Thank you 365 for forcing my hand to take photos.
Both of the boys were asleep and Logan got up and crawled over to cuddle up with Luke. I had my phone and in the dark I took a picture. Technically, this picture sucks, and I love it.

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Oct 082010

How do you know that Autumn is officially here? When you walk into Home Depot and there are Christmas decorations up. There may also be pumpkins and corn stalks out for more timely holidays.

I’m pretty sure that the people watching me thought that I was completely nuts as I was trying to find a good angle for this picture.

HTC with Retro camera app

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Sep 202010

I don’t look back with much pride at my high school days. I don’t think I did much right. However, I did get one thing right I was able to get one of the best friendships any one could ever ask for. It is nice to see people I love relaxed and completely stress free around me; it is always my goal.

My Retro camera app was updated while we were hanging out and took this picture. I like how it looks.

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Aug 212010

OK so this is the first picture that I really like straight from my phone. But I tried to use some of the basic photography principles and the picture turned out pretty good.

HTC using the retro camera app

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