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Mar 112011

Right??  At first glance the picture doesn’t match the title.  However, this was taken at a lunch where I found my job will be taking a definite twist. 

Maybe I should have titled it change is coming, ready or not!!  The next couple of month are going to be interesting.


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Mar 062011

Call me weird, but I really like my key-chain.  It has a Manfrotto medallion, and a skull from a Blair’s After-Death hot sauce. If I had a picture of my awesome family on it really would sum up (metaphorically) my life’s loves.

I tried to get a picture of my darling new niece for my picture today, but was completely unhappy with how I made picture turn out.


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Mar 052011

It may be weird to say but I think one of the biggest difference between now and the “good old days” is just how dependent we are on batteries. While I know that batteries have been around for quite awhile, but think about the devices that you use constantly. Aside from major appliances (some of which have a battery to maintain the clock etc.) I challenge you to think of 1 that doesn’t have a battery.

We have finally made the switch to rechargeable. If something runs out of juice instead of buy an 8 pack for $7 we buy a 4 pack for $10. Yes it is more expensive until you do the math and with rechargeable I get 500 charges which equals 2000 batteries for $10 as opposed to 8 for $7.

Retro camera app

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Mar 052011

I am kinda having fun with all the different effects that my phone can do. Sure they are dorky and look bad, but they are fun.

Camera Illusion app Light tunnel and Comic

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Mar 022011

This kid already spends a lot of time at the school. Maybe that is why he insists on taking “his” backpack everywhere he goes. The backpack is actually my daughters and he has it loaded with all of his favorite toys; just in case.

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Mar 012011

My 365 challenge is back, but it will be a little different. I plan on using the camera on my phone much more.

Today I was finally able to meet up with my brother and get him his Christmas presents.

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Jan 282011

I got hung up at work today trying to get s new server up and running. I love my rack of servers I have Windows, X-Serves(Apple), and Linux servers all happily running along doing what they are designed to do. If only people could learn to do that as well.  Truth be told I think most people are actually very nice, the key is to get out and find that out.

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Dec 312010

I love my phone.  I think I has a better camera than my crappy point and shoot, plus I always have it with me.  So when I have had a long day of watching the kids (seriously I don’t know how my wife gets anything done with my three year old around) then seeing Tron, then killing Zombies, and finally work.  I can collapse into bed, remember I need a picture and still get something.  I just wish I could control the flash better.  Poor kid just wanted to go to sleep and I wouldn’t let him.

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Dec 292010

This was taken in some Maverick parking lot 4 hours into our 6 hour journey from St. George to Salt Lake.  He had been uncomfortable, miserable and crying for almost 45 minutes before we got to someplace we could pull off and get him out of his car-seat.  It was snowing like crazy and I was only willing to go 40 mph from before Beaver until we were almost home.  I was glad we started out when we did because the storm only got worse and worse until New Years eve.

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