Jan 122011

It was not until I learned more and more about cooking that I started to truly appreciate how many things you can do with the egg, and how hard it is to get them right.  Even the simplest thing like frying an egg is very hard to get right.

I have been wanting to get more “action” into my food shots.  This was a first attempt.

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Jan 102011

Especially, when my fabulous sister-in-law brings homemade cheese cake to the house and then makes an amazing chocolate sauce to go on it.

My fabulous sister-in-law also happens to be a fabulous photographer check her out at Belinda Olsen Photography (LINK)

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Jan 092011

Mine is going great. I don’t regret eating this at all. Now if I could just not regret exercising and eating less I could not regret losing weight. If you want the recipe here it is: Recipe

I have a shot in my head that, frankly, I don’t think I have the skill required to pull off. This was from a series of tests that I was trying, but I really liked the way this picture came across. After a little editing read: crop, adjust exposure in a couple of places and convert to B&W. This was with an 30 umbrella right behind him with my on camera @ TTL -2.0. I just loved the wrap and ethereal feel to it.

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Dec 082010

There is an incredible food blogger here in Salt Lake City. I lifted my recipe for my cinnadodles from them. Here is the link for their recipe (link). Now I’m a little thick and didn’t understand what cinnamon chips were. Therefore, I used about 1/2 cup of red hots and a 1/2 cup of chopped dark chocolate. They are yummy!! I also recommend the pumpkin Nutella bread AWESOME!!

210mm f/11 1/160s

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Dec 052010

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints there are a couple of milestones in the course of your life. My middle son had one of those today.

50mm f/14 1/160s

I neglected to mention that this was the lovely cake that my lovely wife made for that lovely day.

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Dec 012010

Is still dang good. On the short list of things I had to try while in Chicago was a authentic Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza.  I’m still not convinced it is pizza, but I am entirely sure that it is delicious.  Tons of cheese, green peppers, onions and sausage merged together in a baked casserole of desire… yes it was that good. And yes I ate most of it and then collapsed into bed into a cheese coma until the morning. :D :D :D

35mm f/8 1/160s ISO 800

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Nov 292010

Let me clarify, the dinner was incredible, but it followed a very overwhelming and depressing day.

My first day of class was very hard. I did not understand anything that was going on in the class. I was exhausted, brain-dead, and lonely. So I ducked into a little sushi place in the same building that the class was being held. I got the all you can eat sushi, and started experimenting. This was a spicy tuna roll which was amazing, but my least favorite; thing everything was so good.  I walked away from this experience with a new weakness… tempura vegetables… yummmy :)

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Nov 182010

How do I know? Because I start gathering ingredients for my Habanero-Cranberry Relish.

50mm f/13 1/200s
I do not have a recipe for this I make it entirely by smell. I start adding ingredients in this order and when I looks and smells right you’ve got it. I have to have this for Thanksgiving it is a requirement.
2 bags of fresh cranberries. Washed, sorted and chopped,
Zest and juice from 1 medium orange
Grated garlic
Grated fresh ginger
Pickled habenaro chopped finely
Maple syrup
Brown sugar
Let it sit a day and come back, taste, add salt, and fine tune the flavors

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