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Jun 142010

Just for the record it is almost as hard to come up with titles as it is pictures sometimes.

Sunday dinner, it was pretty good. I am OK with the picture. I dream a time that I have time and space that I can spend the effort to style and do actual food photographs. Until then I will just work with what I have .

50mm f/6.3 1/100s ISO 800

I wish I would have had a deeper depth of field on this shot so as to have all the plate in focus.

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May 262010

I owe the inspiration for this picture to James Berghout a fellow Photowalking Utah/365er. His post First Haircut of the Season, well I knew that I would be copying the idea as soon as I saw it. I haven’t mowed the lawn for the entire time that I was off working on the shed. Needless to say the lawn is a little long. I love the depth of field on this

Once again it is a two-fer the first is my take of James’ shot and the second is just to show how long the grass was 🙂

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May 232010

Yesterday was a 100th “Birthday Party” for my Grandpa Roper. We had it at the farm of my Uncle Alan. There were an a lot of photo opportunities. Both the kind I am comfortable with and the other kind 🙂 . My sister-in-law and I went off picture hunting and this one made the cut for the 365 I will be posting the others on my main blog page.

145mm f/5 1/50s flash place level with the flower and slightly to the right
I would like to have one that is also is exposed a little less so as to keep the delicate purple that was in the flowers.

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Apr 292010

This is a reflection on my driveway after a spring snow storm, thats right it has snow the past 3 days at the end of April.

50mm f/4 1/80s

I actually had high hopes for this picture. It looked right on camera, however it lacks the detail from a good DOF. I checked everything and I really thought I had nailed this I am a little bummed out about it.

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Apr 202010

That’s good enough for me. 😀

50mm (anyone seeing a pattern here?) f/4 1/60s

I like the lines in this picture, the pattern leads your eyes through the picture. I like the details in the cookie dough. I feel like I had an appropriate DOF. The only thing I am unsure of is the white balance seems a little cool on the parchment.

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Apr 092010

If you don’t get it see the movie it is GREAT. Once again I find myself playing with the macro reversal ring.

50mm reversal ring f/5.6 1/80s

This was a lot of fun to make. I probably would have kept playing, but my son wanted his Happy Meal toy back.  I like this picture, I got the focus where I wanted it I got the DOF where I wanted it.  I really love the detail.

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Mar 042010

I was planning a trip today to try and capture the sunset over the Orrquch Mountain Temple.  Instead I ended up cooking dinner.  This was the beginning of a chicken rice casserole that my mom used to make.

I wish I was able to get the DOF a little further but this was on the burner and cooking/burning so I didn’t have time to set the tripod up. But I think this is OK.

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Feb 192010

I took a hint from a great photographer that I have never met, but admire alot.  Suzanne Plant is a photographer in the Salt Valley and started her own 365 challenge (link) at the beginning of the year.  One of her first pictures was her blog header.  I loved that idea and have been looking at a way to represent this project I am taking on.

I like the DOF on this picture as well as the angle, but I wish the parts that were in focus were sharper.

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