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Feb 022011

It could also be named “Get It Right In Camera.”  However, I am the first to admit that there are times where I can’t get it right in camera.  When the boy is in cleaning mode I can’t set lights and well really I don’t know why I can’t that is why I am doing this.  However, I had to get this and then I tried to get it fixed up in Lightroom.  I like the picture, heck if someone else took it I might even pay for it.

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Feb 012011

Today I wanted to do something a little different. I am trying to add to my body of knowledge. I wanted to see the difference between a “poor man’s” softbox and an umbrella.

I tried to keep everything equal except for the umbrella. The settings on the camera and flashes remained the same but my daughter did move a little. I think that I will try it again with no light on the background just for fun.

This is with the umbrella collapsed (poor man’s softbox)

This is with the umbrella opened. I was surprised that there was not a much bigger difference but you can see a little more wrapping on this picture and the lines are a little softer than they are on the above picture. Look at the bridge of the nose for an easy to see line.

Here is a basic lighting diagram for my setup.

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Jan 302011

I have outgrown my camera bag.  So after thinking about it I decided that I would get a Pelican case not only would it give me room to grow, but it also would provides the protection needed from my 3 year old.

At least that is what I thought until I read the warranty.  Make sure you read the last line. 😀

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Jan 292011

Did you know that being a baker is one of the earliest known professions?  Probably, because making great bread is hard. While in Logan I was finally able to visit Crumb Brothers bakery. I have LOVED their bread since the first time I ever tried it.  Did you also know that bread and cheese we my favorite foods.  I don’t think that there is much better than a great piece of crusty bread, with something simple to go with it.

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Jan 282011

They only turn the “A” on Old Main blue for special occasions. I’m not sure how they could have known I was back on campus, but I really appreciate the thought. Really it was great to be back on USU’s campus I truly do miss it. The best years of my life (so far) were when I was there working on campus, and dreaming of being where I am now. Who would have thought.

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Jan 222011

Sure its not where I live, but it is where I belong.

“Sometimes you just want to go where everybody knows your name.” -Cheers

You know you have issues when its 17 degrees your standing there with no coat to get a picture. Then after you take the picture you think it would look better if all the light was the same color and walk the 100 yards back to the car to get CTO gels and forget your coat. All for a picture that you know will not be perfect anyway, not a chance I could hold that much weight still for a 1/5 of a second.

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Jan 202011

My kids love to play games: video, card, board, any type of games.  Sometimes I remember that they won’t always want me around , and play with them. While it may not always be “fun” it is always interesting.  Here we are trying to play Harry Potter Clue it has proved interesting as the 3 y/o must have his turn rolling the dice and moving random pieces, the 8 y/o is playing the rules from memory, and the 12 y/o is reading the official rules. My wife had to make the dice we use; she kept asking to let her take it out of the picture nope there they are 😀

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Jan 162011

Honestly I have almost thrown in the towel on this 365 thing over the past week or so.  I feel like I am just stagnant, and going nowhere.  Scott Bourne blogged a few weeks ago 5 signs your photos aren’t cutting it (link) and it just reinforced all of the self demotivation I feel all the time… I don’t know where I am going with this…

I’m pretty sure that I will stay “On Target” until the end, but I’m not sure as to what the point of it all is.

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Jan 152011

I love making food. Rarely do I use a recipe so every time is an adventure.  These are some of the things that I used on my last Chinese adventure Peanut Beef Ramen.

To be honest I struggle with this picture.  I hate it, then I will come back to it and the things I hate I kinda like and back and forth like this since I took the picture.  Some honest feedback on this picture would be greatly appreciated.  I would love to hear you suck and this is why.

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