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Dec 192010

My cousin was married in the same temple that my wife and I were.  The really neat thing however was the weather matched as well.  It was snowing like crazy and I was excited to get a picture that I will be able to blow up and put on my living room wall.

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Dec 162010

My step mother has a great talent for cross stitch (there are many other as well).  Every year she gives one of the kids in the family a stocking that she has made.  They are always so intricate and beautiful.  I always wonder about the time and patience that is required for these, and not to mention the love.  This is my wife’s stocking.

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Oct 282010

Models are such divas.  I had a lighting setup all ready and my model starting screaming and crying about wanting his mommy.  Psssh never work with a 3 year old 😀  So I tried to mimic the lighting I wanted on someone a little less temperamental.

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Oct 212010

My daughter actually put together a photo backdrop for Halloween.  She tried to get some pictures of her brothers with about the same results that I get when I try to pose them 🙂  However, I wanted to make use of her background and once again practice my lighting.

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Oct 192010

Well today sucks; yesterday was the last day of my stock photography class.

Really, last night was awesome, we did the last class in Rich’s studio for shooting people and Nicole had a great setup for food photography. I really appreciated the time and effort that everyone put into making this an incredible and productive experience. I am pretty sure that I got the 2 shots (I need at least 2 with people for acceptance) that I needed for iStock acceptance (time will tell). I am here to tell you that if you live somewhere that you can go to Rich’s class in the spring, it is a must. I got everything out of this class that I wanted and more (literally I had a list of goals for the class). Watch my twitter or leggnet.com for the future dates.

Last but not least the models that Rich had arranged for the class were awesome. Natalie (here is a picture Rich took before the class started <link>) dressed up in several different outfits: health care worker/graduate/chef/maybe more. Then we had a mother/daughter team that was so fun to work with.

The chili was a fun shoot I put it off until the end because I needed pictures of people. I am always amazed at Nicole’s talent and her style of teaching it was so laid back. I would take a picture and she would look and say here try this and go for this look. This may not be the best shot of the night but it was the funnest as we tried to get the sour cream just as it was leaving the spoon. Here is a shot that Nicole got <link>.

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