Jan 252011

I have been very impressed by the 365 efforts of those that have started this year.  However, Jeremy Hall’s, 364 Clicks,  has really made me think again why I started this crazy little project.  I’m afraid I have lost sight of why I wanted to do this.  Jeremy has taken efforts to really think about his pictures before he take them. That is something I really need to do more. I realize I am not in the same league as most of the people who visit this slice of the Internet, but I need to do better with the skills I do have. Here is my renewed effort with the skills, equipment, and time that I had for tonight.

Here is the color also.  I really debated, but ended up going for the B&W for my main picture. I just liked it better I loved how the texture in the B&W just pops.

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Jan 252011

You would think after 39 years I would be used to disappointment. Nope, the Birthday was good, the food was excellent, and the Family was awesome, the pictures Meh. This was the burrito that I made it was incredible Honey-Lime Pulled pork for the filling and fresh-made pico-de-gallo etc. for toppings. I just was hoping for more with this picture. The pork is just too compacted and the focus I think was a little soft.

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Jan 242011

Yes, that is my three year old.  If there is anything we can do in 5 he can undo in 2.  I was just playing around with my camera trying just practicing.  I had plans for a big nice food shoot later in the evening.  Life got in the way and my just for fun playing around shots are the ones that made it here.

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Jan 232011

I wish I could go to a man and get my photography vision tuned up.  They do it for my eyeballs why not for what they see.

This is definitely out of my style, but it did turn out kind of how I wanted. Nothing for me is clear, somethings are just a little less blurry.

This was actually shot through my new glasses. It was almost impossible to get any kind of focus. The wide open aperture also gives it the blur I was wanting.

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Jan 202011

I’m Mormon.  For our family night this week we went to downtown Salt Lake City to visit the some of the LDS buildings in the area.  I saw this statue of our first Prophet Joesph Smith and loved the lighting on it.  This is a depiction of him getting answers of which church he should join. If you want more info here at Mormon.org.

50mm f/1.8 1/125s

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Jan 192011

Here is my brain drain, every-time I use it I lose IQ points and motivation.  I am not sure what the “rules” are with Black and White, but when the color distracts from the “message” of my picture I remove it.  Ansel Adams I ain’t.  Also, I am fairly sure that I stole this idea from Suzanne Plant’s 365 (LINK), but I don’t remember when she did it.

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Jan 122011

It was not until I learned more and more about cooking that I started to truly appreciate how many things you can do with the egg, and how hard it is to get them right.  Even the simplest thing like frying an egg is very hard to get right.

I have been wanting to get more “action” into my food shots.  This was a first attempt.

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Jan 052011

Now give me my F and move along…. What is it? Well its a cup with dirt.  I call it cup of dirt.
–Bryan Regan (my favorite comic)

I could not think of anything to shoot and was running out of “daylight”. I saw this and had the quote take over my brain. I tried to get as creative as I could but at the end of the day it is just a cup of dirt.

Here is the entire routine. It is one of my all time favorites.

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Jan 042011

Popsicles…right…seriously…Popsicle anyone.  No, I didn’t think so.

I got home from work, the outside temperature is a balmy 18, and my family is all running around with Popsicles in their mouths’.
My vision here was to get the snowy front yard along with my daughter eating the Popsicle. So I had to use the flash to match the outside light. I also really liked the major contrast between the Popsicle’s green and the white of the front yard.

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