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Feb 192011

I have good kids.  God must not have thought much of my parenting skills because he gave me easy, good kids.  It started with my little girl.

She is not goal oriented she is goal obsessed. Straight A’s, heaven forbid missing a day of school much less be late, I think she is trying to finish all of her personal progress goals in the first year. If she sees it as worthy then she will go after it no-holds-barred.
Talent just flow from her. She definitively has a better grasp on photography composition than I do. Music, math abstract thinking all just natural.
Kindness is her only option (with everyone but her brothers 😉 ). We had an experience with some of her school “friends” recently. She was invited to work on a sceince fair project with a group. After many hours (and I mean days) when it came time to present the other girls had made a other project and left her out in the cold on her own. The next day though as Christy was picking her up from school there she was helping one of these girls carry all of her stuff to her car. She said “It’s just easier to let it go and be nice.”
She is smart and proud of it.
Anyway, I think she is great and I really mean that.

I don’t know why I think this shot sums up her character, but somehow in my head it does.

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Feb 132011

I got my first prop today.

I got it in a manner that will astonish my wife with the my level of hypocrisy. Someone was throwing it out, and when I saw it I asked if I could have it. You see I HATE it when she does that, but it is ok for me. Go ahead judge me. I know I am, but I saw pictures like this.

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Feb 122011

Did I mention I love bread and I LOOOOVE cheese. The two together how could that be any thing but awesome. Yeah, OK maybe I am overstating the value of simple cheesy bread, but I do love it. That explains the plumpness of my figure 😀

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Feb 112011

This is my version of  “Blah” I feel the same way.  I literally carried my camera around for an hour and still ended up with this.  My new computer.

I leave with a quote from Joe McNally book Guide to Digital Photography Everything You Need to Shoot Like The Pros (pg:10):

“It’s an unfortunate truth that the magic box you just feverishly unpacked is a machine designed to do two things– make pictures and drive you mad.  But here’s the thing: If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t get upset, right?  If you weren’t passionate and determined about all of this, you would just put your camera down like yesterday’s newspaper.  But you can’t, just like I can’t all these years downstream.”

“The simple truth of it is that even the most experienced shooter still miss the moment, still make mistake– sometimes mistakes so basic they wonder if there’s ever any way to really and reliably learn this art and craft.”

I don’t know why, but it makes me feel better.

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Feb 112011

My son and I worked on his Science fair project tonight. I taught him how to solder, and we built a simple light setup. It was a lot of fun. I wanted a picture for of him “soldering” with the light on. I got this picture and then the light blew out.  So it was either find another shot and not document this or… So I here it is, my son attentively soldering his switch 🙂

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Feb 042011

If I have one character trait I hate it is my overly timid nature.  Those who know me are howling and scoffing right now, but I do put on quite a brave (some might say obnoxious) face.  Inside I struggle with every single decision, and more so with every interaction.  Anyway the point is I am coming to the end of my 365 and I don’t know what to do… I love the 365 it has been an amazing learning experience, but I also loved it when I ran the Angry Gardner Photo Challenge (LINK).  I tried to do both early in the my 365 and had to kill the challenge.  I had a couple of disappointed people.  Anyway here I stand in the light; afraid to step into the darkness, again. Thoughts, advice, heck even ridicule would be greatly appreciated.

PS I did not really push the button on the camera.  I set the lighting and then explained my vision to my wife who actually took the picture.

Ghetto, sometimes if it’s not ghetto it’s not going to happen in my house.  I only have one snoot and I needed two for this shot.

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Jan 312011

I made a small mistake with the new Pelican case.  I bought it with the foam that you need to measure, cut and shape.  This is not something that I recommend.  If you are thinking about it, get the padded photography dividers. It is well worth it.

I should have cropped it in tighter so as to remove the clutter, but the clutter in the background is kinda how I felt so that is why it is there. Maybe I wider aperture to blur it out a little, don’t know.

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