May 242010

It has been a nice two weeks. I actually turned the ringer off on my phone and was able to spend some time away from work. I like my job, but everybody needs a break sometimes, right. Well tonight I turned the ringer back on and rounded up all my stuff to head in to work in the morning. Back to real life… I missed you.

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Mar 222010

I don’t think this is traditional in anyway shape or form. Once again I will get the recipe on my main page.

It is REALLY hard to compose a shot when you are hungry, the kids are hungry, and the food is sitting there smelling like a dream. Here it is though. I definitely need to understand color theory better.

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Mar 212010

This is going to be a long post. Sorry.

There will be hundreds, OK maybe not hundreds, but there will be many of posts in the next few days about how great Photocamp Utah was.  I could not agree more it was amazing.

I want to mainly talk about how it happens.  This done entirely by volunteers, and because of that we all got a great day at a great price. Someone was teasing me about paying to go to a class, and then spending the time as a volunteer.  I said “This kind of crap doesn’t happen without people taking the time to make it happen.”  Yeah, maybe I missed a class, but I gained much more than I missed.

To me this picture is the reason Photocamp Utah is great.

This is @nikonrookie. I don’t know if he ever got away from his post sitting on the cement in front of the computer, but he was there every time I walked into the room all day long.  Just so that others had a chance to see the brilliance that was in the main auditorium.

He was not the only one, there were many people who made this happen. So if you benefited from anything Saturday don’t forget that when #pcu2011 rolls around you have a chance to help make it happen.  So right here right now I am saying. @anntorrence, @jeremyhall whatever you need for next year let me know I want to help!

PS I just want to thank everyone that did anything to pull #pcu2010 off yesterday.  Whether it was teaching a class, hosting a room, helping someone find the class they wanted to attend.  It could not have happened without you.  Thank you!!

PPS Zack Arias was one of the most amazing inspiring speakers I have ever heard.  Big Thanks to you @zarias

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Mar 182010

I hope you had a good St. Patrick’s day. Mine was OK. I couldn’t find a pot of gold, but I did find something else almost as scarce, $20.

This was done with a reversal ring that made my 35mm into a “cheapo” macro lens. Because the 35mm doesn’t have a manual aperture I had to shoot long shutter speeds and flash to pop the details.

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Mar 132010

A couple in our neighborhood got married yesterday.  I figured it would be a good chance to try a “wedding” photo.

I really need to start putting the shot information down, maybe tomorrow :) This was done with my D40 and plastic cup as a brace, I ain’t proud. I feel ok about the results. There could have been a better focus on main subject.

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Feb 282010

I had planned to go to the Photowalking Utah Millcreek hike, but chickened out a the last minute.  I think that it was a mistake it looks like they had a lot of fun with light painting.  Any way I had to think of a picture to make since I was not going out.  I wanted to try out my new light.  So instead of light painting; I tried hot sauce painting.

I like the concept of this, but the execution is a little weak.  I would have made use of the sauces constinceys.  For the record from left to right Bee Sting Honey n’ Habenero, Frontera Chipotle, Frank’s Extra Hot, Cajohn’s Holy Jolokia, and Sambal.  I might have been a little heavy handed on the post color saturation.

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