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Feb 232011

It is over. My family threw a party… I took a picture, and that was it. Done. Finished. The End.

Here is the cake that my wife made to celebrate the occasion. My daughter gave me 1 Smartie for every day and a note saying Dad, 365 days Smartier 🙂

Stick with me; I am pretty sure I’ll be back at it in a week 🙂

PS One confession I started this project on 2/15/2010 (Day 1) and finished on 2/21/2011 (Day 366). You do the math 😉 because obviously I can’t.

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Feb 232011

But apparently not math.   A couple of weeks ago I sat down and figured when the last day was and it wasn’t today. So my 365 is going to be a 366, hey its mine I can run it anyway I want 🙂

With my new church calling I was at the church for 10 hours Sunday, and was beat when I got home. I just wanted to veg out for a while so we watched the Karate Kid. This is my kids thinking they are masters now. I know it is not the greatest picture, but it is what it is.

PS Ward Clerk

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Dec 282010

HA HA HA I got you, you silly web comic followers 🙂 For the rest of you here is a link What the Duck

It is funny how some days I have a ton of shots I like and others I can’t get anything to save my life. Today was one of those good days.

I loved this shot of my 3 year one trying to climb a hill, I can feel his determination.

I was able to spend some time on the temple ground in St.George. I love shooting Christmas lights in the blue hour (blue hour defined)

Finally, an experiment. This was a very long exposure, 2 seconds, to get the water blurred. Then just as the shutter was closing the flash popped (rear-sync flash). Notice the sparklyies in the water that is from the flash. I thought it was a pretty cool trick.

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Dec 172010

PhotowalkingUtah’s annual temple square walk.  More pics and thoughts on my main page angrygardner.com. I know it looks like the focus is soft; that’s because it is.  I blew on the lens right before taking the picture so that the lens was fogged up to get this effect.

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Sep 292010

My wife has been making bread quite a bit lately.  I am really liking it.  This was stuffed with cheese and hamburger yummy.

35mm f/11 1/160s

I’m not pleased with this picture, but I am not sure what is wrong or what I could have done better. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Sep 252010

Cheesy title I know 😉 I had a uniquely terrifying experience last night.  Thursday night Rich Legg (my photography class instructor/photowalkingutah guru) put out a tweet asking if anyone wanted to come play with the lights in his studio.  In a moment of stupidity I asked to come and he said yes. Yikes!!!

It was great fun and I got several very nice pictures. This was taken while Natalie was working with another photographer I really liked how the modeling lights looked on her, and when she glanced over at me I was able get this very nice image.

35mm f/1.8 1/60s

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Sep 242010

Still don’t know what CTO stands for, but I it find more applications for it on Strobist (LINK).  I was playing with it and this is what I got.  See how blue the sky is and the pink background is not really pink, but has more of a light purple tint.

35mm f/10 1/200s The strobes are bare and that caused sucky shadows.

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Sep 162010

I say yummy. This is a shot that I see alot of out on the interwebs. I wanted to see if I could do replicate it for my self. It is OK but doesn’t stand out for me I think I cut the tomatoes a little too thick. I think I will have to experiment more again.

35mm f/22 1/200s

As a bonus here is my oldest son showing off his toothless grin. Like I have said before I don’t try to pose him things just happen 🙂

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Sep 072010

The end of summer has past.  Can’t wear white. Can’t have grill parties (not that I had more than 1). Can’t complain about the heat (well you can for a little while).

35mm f/6.3 1/60s

I used my flash @1/2 to bounce off the ceiling.

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