Grandpa Roper’s Party

Saturday May 22nd was a great family get together in Fillmore to celebrate what would have been my Grandpa Roper’s 100th birthday. Besides the fun that is always present at “The Farm” there was some special treats like getting to see all my Aunts, Uncles, and many of my cousins, a delicious cake the size of a table, and a black powder cannon that shot candy.

Part of the program was for stories about Grandpa. I couldn’t sort out my thoughts at the time so I figured I would try here:
We spoke a lot about how Grandpa planted and cared for trees and other plants, but I think that where Grandpa Roper’s greatest strength lay was his abilities to raise and grow people. I remember, and apply, something he said to me towards the end of his life. “Make sure you deserve what you get, and grateful you don’t get what you deserve” Of course he gave me such great advice, because I was his favorite. Which I’m sure that all of his posterity believe 😀 he had a fabulous talent to make you feel special.
The next thing that I learned from Grandpa Roper (among others) was work; he was a worker plain and simple. I remember having to clean out chicken coops with him it was hard, dirty, tedious work, but he seemed to enjoy the work, and he really enjoyed when we finished. The other piece of advice that I try to apply regularly was one of his neighbors was complaining that his children weren’t hard workers and Grandpa told him that that you needed to work with your kids so that they learn how to become hard workers.

Anyway here are my thoughts and pictures. If you click each picture on them you can see the full size jpeg to download, print, whatever. If you want all of the pictures I have them all in a zip file here (LINK) it is 1.3 Gb which will take a long time to download. If you want a DVD of all the pictures email me at with your address and I will burn a copy and send it to you.

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Ryan- I love your thoughts about grandpa. Your pictures look great! I would love to have a CD of them. Also, thanks for the great BBQ we had a great time!

Hey Ryan, I miss you. what is happening with you and your family? Your family party looked like fun. We live in Cedar City now and so does Abi. Love to your family. Diane

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