Thoughts and Regrets

Over the weekend we were down in Southern Utah for a funeral of a family friend. She was a wonderful lady and the core of a great family; taken much too young. I have lots of regrets as a person, but as I looked at the program for this friend of mine I regretted not asking to take pictures the last time we got together. It wasn’t that it was a bad picture it was a really good picture taken with a point and shoot, and who knows I might not have been able to do any better. However, I should have tried.

That being said we wanted to get some pictures of my wife’s Grandmother before we left to come home. We asked where she wanted to take the pictures and she choose the only place that I was afraid of… the atrium. Direct sun, trees, glass, a dark room behind, and probably 100 degrees, just not what I would have chosen, but that is what she wanted and so that was what I was going to do.

I think that the picture turned out pretty good. There are things I could have done better, but there always is…

The moral of the story for any of you photographers, and I mean ANY of you photographers. Heavens knows I am not as skilled as many, but I would urge you all to learn from my regrets. Pull out your camera today and take the best picture you can. There may not be a tomorrow.

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Well, no regrets about this beautiful picture of my Grandma! She looks so much younger than she is, doesn’t she?

Great comments and wonderful photo. You did good.

I have similar feelings about photography of our loved ones. My mother’s obituary photo was taken from an impromptu photo shoot in my home where I basically forced my camera shy mom to jump in and get her photos after some others did. So happy we had those.

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