Jul 192011

What’s summer without playing in the pool.

On another note this was the last picture I took for my 2nd 365 challenge. It probably doesn’t shock many of you. I was just getting to the point after almost 500 days that I was dreading trying to get a picture, and my work was showing it. My challenge was taking me places with photography that I just didn’t like, so it is done. I will continue to use this site as a photographic journal as sorts and I would love it if you all stuck around; if not I understand.

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  2 Responses to “Day 110 – Making A Splash/The End”

  1. Understandable, but I’ve enjoyed your photos as well as getting the chance to see what you & your family are up to so I hope you’ll blog a bit:)

  2. Totally understand but will miss your daily posts. I really enjoy your photography. You have given me lots of inspiration, many new ideas, quite a few little pieces of knowledge and more than a
    few laughs :-) THANKS AG!

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