Day 104 – Final Act Of Vengeance

A spider, a very little spider, ran acrossed my desk today at work. Without even thinking I reached over and squashed the stupid thing with my index finger. I then got up to wash my hands, but must have gotten distracted and forgot. A little while later I rubbed my eyes and it was like someone poured hot sand into my eyes. Then one swelled up like crazy within an hour when I would blink I could see the fluid move inside my eye, as near as I could see it looked like the entire white of my eye was a big blister. Yes, it was weird, and yes, it did freak me out. Apparently I had venom on my finger, which I then transferred to my eye. Luckily, my eye doctor (what are those guys called) had an open appointment and got me right in. This picture was after having my eye washed out thoroughly and two doses of an anti-inflammatory.  Four more doses and and good night sleep and I was looking 100% better.  Just a warning for everyone out there.

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AHHHH! That is so scary! So happy it wasn’t worse. I have to say it though, you got a pretty dang awesome picture of your eye out of it!!!! Love the lighting 🙂

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