Day 102 – Rut

I know it kinda looks like a path, but it’s not. This is where my dog runs day after day chasing another dog that she will never catch and just barks at. It is so fruitless and really annoying.  It is how I am feeling about my photography.  I am going nowhere and I am really afraid that part of the problem is this 365.  I used to feel antsy and even angry if I had not gone out and used my camera in a week (granted my pictures are consistently better now because of my 365).  Now I feel like I am practicing and practicing for a game I will never play, and it is really starting to wear on me.  If I even had an clear idea of a goal that would probably be a good start.

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3 replies on “Day 102 – Rut”

I like your analogy – and photo – even though it makes me feel a little sad. I guess this is the time of life when most folks start to wonder what it is they’re doing it all for and what, exactly, they’re trying to reach.

Yes, but the dogs enjoy it! You know what my dad says: “Learning is hard, but knowing is fun!” Maybe your “rut” is really a path if you follow it long enough. =)

Hey AG . . I like and can certainly identify with your metaphor and great shot. Thanks for your creativity and inspiration even though you feel in a “rut”. keep shooting! 🙂

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