Day 94 – Joe

My Pioneer Market family got a little fame today. They were on the the TV show Pawn Stars. We stayed up late to watch it, and I have got to say that Joe did great. It was a blast to watch and one of these days quick I need to run home, and get the back story from them. I really can’t say enough great things about Joe and family. If you are ever in Fillmore, UT want to see an amazing collection of guns both modern and antiques, and an eclectic collection of… well everything. Stop in at the store on Main Street and check them out. I guarantee you will come out with interesting pictures and stories.

50mm f/1.8: 50mm f/1.8 1/250s Aperture Priority ISO 200

Pioneer Market

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Pretty cool having my dad on tv. Now if he just parlay that somehow into getting rich and being able to take it a little easy, we’ll really have something! I’m glad you got to see the show & I know there’s lots of good stories waiting for you at the store when you get the time to hear them…maybe even a little part-time job:)

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