Day 93 – Somebody Explain It To Me

How does this help my middle son learn his spelling words?? My wife claims that it does, but it just looks like the baby making a mess. 🙂

50mm f/1.8: 50mm f/4 1/60 ISO 200 SB-600 TTL through a softbox to camera left

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Oh, PLEASE, I already explained it to you!! It’s called writing the words in the shaving cream. He says he got %100 on his test. =0p He’s a very kinetic learner. (For those who are unsure, the child in this picture is not the middle child of whom we’ve been speaking–this was a tag-a-long who merely enjoyed the mess. No, we were not writing in chocolate, although apparently it is on his little face. His forte is learning through messes…) Writing spelling words in chocolate…now THAT’S an idea! =) (And another picture…)=)

my daycare kids LOVED doing that…but not half as much as my Child Development students loved it! People never really grow up.

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