Day 88 – Rewards

My daughters 6th grade teacher gives out rubber duckies as rewards. I find it amazing what kids, and adults, will do to get little trinkets. Apparently there is a shortage of the some of the ducks and the kids will do whatever is necessary to get the special duck. The “nerd” and the “unicorn” (barely seen in upper left) are my daughter’s favorite.

Nifty-Fifty: 50mm f/4 1/60 ISO 200 SB-600 TTL +.7 softbox to the right and reflector to the left

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2 replies on “Day 88 – Rewards”

Oh my goodness . . .I LOVE these!!! Do you know where she gets them? I would do just about anything to get the full collection too!! Don’t know why – but I just love them. What a great idea!

I think her teacher orders the duckies from Oriental Trading. There are tons of them!!

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