Day 86 – Stupid Delete Button

Yeah I lost today’s picture to the delete button as well. I just was not paying attention. So here is a shot I took at the CLS class. I want to be clear on a point this was another photographer’s bridal so she had put the bride in this column of light at the state capital I don’t know what her vision was, but when I saw her there I just saw a “dark” stage with her in the spotlight.

70-200mm f/2.8: 200mm f/2.8 1/2000s ISO 200

Question for you real photographers was this a no-no?

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3 replies on “Day 86 – Stupid Delete Button”

Nice picture Ry. Why haven’t I seen these?? I know if I’m not careful, I will hit the delete button in place of the enlarge button on my camera. But it always gives me an out, asking me if I’m sure. Can’t you set yours to do that?

Good picture. I have to hit the delete botton twice on my camera to delete angthing. This tells me that you need to slow down and smell the Roses

OH MY GOSH!!!! I DID IT TOO!!! I was trying to enlarge the cute pic of our little cowboy yesterday and was pounding on the wrong side of my camera!! 🙁 I erased it and another picture before I knew what hit me… sigh…But my comfort is that you took the same picture with a better camera and better light a little later *whew*

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