Feb 232011

It is over. My family threw a party… I took a picture, and that was it. Done. Finished. The End.

Here is the cake that my wife made to celebrate the occasion. My daughter gave me 1 Smartie for every day and a note saying Dad, 365 days Smartier :)

Stick with me; I am pretty sure I’ll be back at it in a week :)

PS One confession I started this project on 2/15/2010 (Day 1) and finished on 2/21/2011 (Day 366). You do the math ;) because obviously I can’t.

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  6 Responses to “Day 366 – Just Like That”

  1. Congrats! I love both pictures and the phrase with the smarties! I’m excited to see what’s next for angrygardner!

  2. Congrats, honey! You did it! Thanks for recording our memories this year this way!

  3. CONGRATS! Amazing job and I have enjoyed following your blog. I love your final pictures. Hope to see more from you.

  4. LOVE it! What a perfect final picture. Oh, and major points for your wife and daughter’s level of creativity!! I didn’t get a party, sucks to be me ;(

  5. Suzanne, I’ll throw you a party, too! Complete with a cheesy cupcake cake and streamers–just let me know!! ;)

  6. It’s people like you that finish the darn thing, that keep me going! Thanks for the inspiration. Fun pictures and what a great way to celebrate!

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