Day 362 – Looking Back

I have had this picture in my head since I made my header. There are distinct differences in the DOF and they are meant to be symbolic. The future is hazy and impossible to predict while the past is crystal clear and linear.

The original plan for this post was to list everything I learned and have gotten out of my 365. I started realized I needed to face the facts that if I ever wanted to get the post up I would have to scrap that plan. There literally is too much, I have learned so much about my camera, about lighting, and photography in general. I have acquired gear lenses, light, cases, modifiers etc, but most importantly I have acquired friends that I probably would have missed out on had I not done this. It has been a truly great experience that I have loved through the good, the bad and the disappointing.

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Hind sight is 20/20. =) Or in this case your hind sight is 365/365. =) We’ve all learned and made some new friends.

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