Day 361 – My Daughter

I have good kids.  God must not have thought much of my parenting skills because he gave me easy, good kids.  It started with my little girl.

She is not goal oriented she is goal obsessed. Straight A’s, heaven forbid missing a day of school much less be late, I think she is trying to finish all of her personal progress goals in the first year. If she sees it as worthy then she will go after it no-holds-barred.
Talent just flow from her. She definitively has a better grasp on photography composition than I do. Music, math abstract thinking all just natural.
Kindness is her only option (with everyone but her brothers 😉 ). We had an experience with some of her school “friends” recently. She was invited to work on a sceince fair project with a group. After many hours (and I mean days) when it came time to present the other girls had made a other project and left her out in the cold on her own. The next day though as Christy was picking her up from school there she was helping one of these girls carry all of her stuff to her car. She said “It’s just easier to let it go and be nice.”
She is smart and proud of it.
Anyway, I think she is great and I really mean that.

I don’t know why I think this shot sums up her character, but somehow in my head it does.

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