Day 360 – Yeah That’s How I Feel

I came home from work today feeling like the weight of the world was crushing down on me.  I spent all night trying to figure out a picture for that.  Everything I tried to do went south (and I mean everything handyman, Dad, Husband, EVERYTHING).  I was putting the compressor up and immediately saw my picture.  Then I dropped the compressor on my knee and hobbled myself.  What a day 🙁 #FAIL

I normally dislike selective color, but I felt that the single red line was the best way to convey the intent of the picture clearly.  What do you think??

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Yes, but that doesn’t relieve his stress level about being a husband/father. Or work. Or hobbling. =) It is really cool, though, that he has practically finished his 365. =) He has worked so hard on it! =)

Hey, I like the selective coloring on this, but in general I like selective color on occasion. Did you really push our air compressor this much over to get this picture?? =) We should do something fun this weekend!!

I don’t know why but the compressor always has stopped at this point. I’m not sure if I should worry about or not.

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