Day 358 – Guidance

OK I’ll admit I am not an expert on… well pretty much anything.  However, I thought I might give some survival tips for finishing a 365.  This is what has helped me.

1. Remember it’s for YOU.  This is to help you.  Sure we all want that our pictures inspire or help someone else, but, at the end of the day, the one benefiting most from your daily posts is you.

2. Take a picture.  Try to make it nice, try to make it meaningful, try to make it perfect.  However, there are days that these things might not come together, and that is what tomorrow, next week, even next month is for.

3. Ignore the numbers.  This is very hard for me I love tech and tracking, but the hardest times on my 365 was when I suddenly had double the visitors and still no comments.  If I had not known that more people were visiting I would not have been so frustrated.

4.  Take time to look back.  The biggest boost you can get when you are down about the challenge is to go back and look some of you past posts.  You might be reminded of a good time that would have been forgotten, inspired to recreate a new look at a different shot, or see just how far you’ve come.

5.  Share yourself, ask for help, give help.

6. Last but not least; have a camera with you always, DSLR, point and shoot, phone, it doesn’t matter have the camera with you and use it.

Did I leave anything out??? Leave a comment let me know.

By the way which is better top or bottom (100% crop of above)

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