Day 347 – Step Into The Darkness

If I have one character trait I hate it is my overly timid nature.  Those who know me are howling and scoffing right now, but I do put on quite a brave (some might say obnoxious) face.  Inside I struggle with every single decision, and more so with every interaction.  Anyway the point is I am coming to the end of my 365 and I don’t know what to do… I love the 365 it has been an amazing learning experience, but I also loved it when I ran the Angry Gardner Photo Challenge (LINK).  I tried to do both early in the my 365 and had to kill the challenge.  I had a couple of disappointed people.  Anyway here I stand in the light; afraid to step into the darkness, again. Thoughts, advice, heck even ridicule would be greatly appreciated.

PS I did not really push the button on the camera.  I set the lighting and then explained my vision to my wife who actually took the picture.

Ghetto, sometimes if it’s not ghetto it’s not going to happen in my house.  I only have one snoot and I needed two for this shot.

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2 replies on “Day 347 – Step Into The Darkness”

The only time I felt challenged was during the challenge last year. The only times I was driven to take multiple photos each week to meet the goals of the challenge. I know you canceled it because I can’t read directions or rules. But I appreciated it and the work it took to moderate. Another reason I liked the challenge is I am too timid to put myself out there with a 365. Truth told.

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