Day 338 – Kick It

I have been very impressed by the 365 efforts of those that have started this year.  However, Jeremy Hall’s, 364 Clicks,  has really made me think again why I started this crazy little project.  I’m afraid I have lost sight of why I wanted to do this.  Jeremy has taken efforts to really think about his pictures before he take them. That is something I really need to do more. I realize I am not in the same league as most of the people who visit this slice of the Internet, but I need to do better with the skills I do have. Here is my renewed effort with the skills, equipment, and time that I had for tonight.

Here is the color also.  I really debated, but ended up going for the B&W for my main picture. I just liked it better I loved how the texture in the B&W just pops.

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Ha – one of the things I cloned out was all the places where the stupid dog has bit through it.

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