Day 327 – Ingredients

I love making food. Rarely do I use a recipe so every time is an adventure.  These are some of the things that I used on my last Chinese adventure Peanut Beef Ramen.

To be honest I struggle with this picture.  I hate it, then I will come back to it and the things I hate I kinda like and back and forth like this since I took the picture.  Some honest feedback on this picture would be greatly appreciated.  I would love to hear you suck and this is why.

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Draw an imaginary horizontal line across the top of the nearest jar. Exactly scareon with the top of the Hoisin and the label on the soy. Now a second line from the bottom of the nearest label. Also hits lines up with the other labels. It’s too static. And either the top of the soy has to be an element in the picture, or crop it out. Then the brightest thing is the gap on the right. Too bad because the side lighting on the nearest jar is fascinating.

Subject works, color is riotous but each jar relates in color to the others, holds it all together. Get a piece of glass with black paper underneath, or a mirror, and try it again with a little more dynamic alignment. And push the reflection component of it too.

You’ve got something that’s working. Run with it.
Excuse the bossiness. I did 7 hours in the classroom this weekend. Still lecturing, it seems.

Thanks Ann I really appreciate the feedback. The “line” at the top was one of the things that was bugging me. I will go and get some glass and give this one a reboot. Any time you want to get “bossy” with regards to one of my photos I truly welcome it.

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