Day 324 – Utter Devastation

I have needing to get this picture for a month or so.  This is the result of a 3 year old being told no.  I think that this particular fit was after being told to stop hitting the piano.

We also had our annual eye appointment my wife got new colored contacts and wanted a picture of a dual colored eyes.  I love that from across the room I can read “DEMO” that was printed on the contacts.  I love the Badzooka (70-200mm f/2.8).

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One reply on “Day 324 – Utter Devastation”

This picture just makes me want to hug him. =( So traumatized. Usually it is me that feels traumatized after his fits…
Love my demo eyes!! I think I’ll like the blue, but we’ll have to see what they look like in the sunlight. =)

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