Dec 282010

HA HA HA I got you, you silly web comic followers :) For the rest of you here is a link What the Duck

It is funny how some days I have a ton of shots I like and others I can’t get anything to save my life. Today was one of those good days.

I loved this shot of my 3 year one trying to climb a hill, I can feel his determination.

I was able to spend some time on the temple ground in St.George. I love shooting Christmas lights in the blue hour (blue hour defined)

Finally, an experiment. This was a very long exposure, 2 seconds, to get the water blurred. Then just as the shutter was closing the flash popped (rear-sync flash). Notice the sparklyies in the water that is from the flash. I thought it was a pretty cool trick.

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  One Response to “Day 310 – What The Duck”

  1. I love the curl on the ducks tail and the blue in the water. The other pics are good, too. =)

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