Day 297 – Memories

This picture is of tree ornaments that have been on my tree for as long as I can remember.  They are simple and look very home-made, because they are.  As I understand the story my Mom made these early in her marriage when things were a little tight.  I don’t know if it was a Church or School project when they were made.  Growing up there was always a fight over which kid got to put up some of the other ornaments, but never these.  I think because anyone could put these up, they were tough and wouldn’t break, and therefore they were never seen as important (at least by me).  Now there are only a couple of ornaments that have as much meaning as these do.  Oddly, enough my kids bypass these for the more flashy and “special” ornaments.  But they are there every year while some of the others come and go.

This story came from the photo challenge that I ran last year.  Later my Dad told me that he thought I had my story wrong, but here’s the thing I don’t care.  It’s my memory; so that is the way it is.  Deluded much, maybe, but once again I don’t care.

Just for the record I love my colors here. It is a combo of positioning and white balance tweaking.

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