Day 246 – Night Skyes

Yes, I know it is spelled skies. I like this spelling for this picture, I don’t know why. Jeesh people its just a blog. 🙂

My Dad I and were talking about taking pictures of the full moon.  I figured I would try to get one.   I saw the moon and went to get the tripod, camera, etc and the clouds had rolled in, I was fairly frustrated.   I figured I would try anyway, and I love the results.  This is pretty much out of camera I played with the contrast and the clarity on the moon and that was it.

300mm f/8 1/2s

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Knowing how you love cheese and try to work it into everything, i tried to come up with a comment that linked this photo to the moon/made of cheese…something, something cheese and couldn’t do it. I’m so not on my game. Actually though, i just think this is a really cool photo.

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