Day 130 – More Of The Same

Sorry today is very much like yesterday’s. I had so much fun that I wanted to try some different things. I’m not sure how I can apply this, but it was fun getting 3 different color on a white board. OK, so I managed to delete the picture I was going to use off my card. Of course I kept the ones I wasn’t fond of, but got rid of the ones I liked, crap. So as per the “rules” here is a picture I took on the day in question, and as per my desire (I am the benevolent dictator of this Internets space) here is a picture that I like that I took the next day .

50mm f/7.1 1/200s SB-600@1/128 power to left gelled green on camera flash @1/128 gelled purple

105mm f/3.3 1/200s

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