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Sep 282011

Over the weekend we were down in Southern Utah for a funeral of a family friend. She was a wonderful lady and the core of a great family; taken much too young. I have lots of regrets as a person, but as I looked at the program for this friend of mine I regretted not asking to take pictures the last time we got together. It wasn’t that it was a bad picture it was a really good picture taken with a point and shoot, and who knows I might not have been able to do any better. However, I should have tried.

That being said we wanted to get some pictures of my wife’s Grandmother before we left to come home. We asked where she wanted to take the pictures and she choose the only place that I was afraid of… the atrium. Direct sun, trees, glass, a dark room behind, and probably 100 degrees, just not what I would have chosen, but that is what she wanted and so that was what I was going to do.

I think that the picture turned out pretty good. There are things I could have done better, but there always is…

The moral of the story for any of you photographers, and I mean ANY of you photographers. Heavens knows I am not as skilled as many, but I would urge you all to learn from my regrets. Pull out your camera today and take the best picture you can. There may not be a tomorrow.

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Sep 212011

This is also a cross post. One thing that I should have mentioned is that this was kind of an exciting trip for me photographically speaking. It was the first time in almost 6 months that I have been excited to actually take pictures. It was a great feeling.

While summer ends socially on Labor Day and by the calendar on September 23 (this year). For me summer is officially at an end when we go to Maple Grove for our end of summer/beginning of fall fling. This year was a little different as it became an reunion of sorts for my family. Unfortunately, my youngest brother and his wife could not make it, but everyone else was there with bells on 🙂
The weekend started out with a dark cloud over the proceedings; I mean a literal dark raining cats-and-dogs cloud. However, Saturday morning the sun came out and fixed everything. For the rest of the weekend there was nothing short of weather perfection 😀

The kids had fun playing whatever games their minds could imagine, hide and seek, run and scream, climb and jump, and most frightening: chop and burn.

My sister had a couple of different activities planned, but the only one we did was sock tie-dye. Which was a big hit with the kids and adults alike.

I was in charge of the dinner that night so I didn’t get many pictures in but the brisket pot roast was well received and I think I will have to do it again. (hint hint Belinda 😉 )
We went on several kid friendly hikes and had a great amount of fun hiking to the spring (where the kids were able to drink water as it comes directly out of the ground)

On one of the hikes we were even able to find the only leaves that had started to change colors. Generally, we are in the middle of the fall color changes, but this year has been warm for fall.

My kids, as usual, loved the rope swing and spent hours out on the swing over the water.

On the last night I was able to get in some time with the brilliant central Utah night skies. There is a method for great star trails, and I haven’t figured it out yet.

I was amazed that my flash was able to light the cliff face for the pictures. Even just a little. (ps stupid airplanes 🙁 )

Until next year keep your face to the sun…

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Aug 052011

Because I am a little narcissistic I will occasionally cross post things from my main blog www.angrygardner.com

We went to the jewel of the Utah State Parks for the last week of July. We stumbled on the Fremont Indian State Park a couple years ago and it has been one our family’s favorite places since then. This year we went to there for a week. I have to admit I am still in a photography rut and was not interested in taking any pictures. I did have a a couple of pictures that I had in my head one of the Hoodoos in the campground with the brilliant central Utah skies in the background. The other was inside the pit house with some basic off camera flash.

It didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned, but I really like this picture.

Of course the we went to the museum several times and were able to see petroglyphs on a couple of different hikes we went on. Unfortunately, I had messed my knee up loading the trailer or something and really was laid up for most of the trip.

In the shadows of these amazing Guardians we cooked, ate, and laughed. The kids really enjoyed playing in the stream that ran through the camp they created a “dang” so as to not overuse the term “dam” Logan practiced his sling shot skills until the 20 year old sling shot broke. Chey and Logan created a game “stick ball” that could be played under the canopy of the trailer, which was fortunate because it rained most days we were there. We learned from a Tribal Elder about the meanings of the writings and from their cultural systems.

We always enjoy visitors and we had a couple of different groups my Dad and Julie came by for my favorite dinner of the trip. Dutch oven chicken caccitore. The Carsons were able to tear away from their busy live for a couple of nights to come and share their fire and their breakfasts with us.

Did I mention rain it rained almost every day and a couple of the days it was torrential. I think that experienced my closet lighting strike ever as the trailer was lit with a blinding light as the thunder rattled the dishes. One of the campers on the other side of the loop from us claimed to have seen it strike between his camp and ours and I wasn’t about to disagree.

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Jul 192011

What’s summer without playing in the pool.

On another note this was the last picture I took for my 2nd 365 challenge. It probably doesn’t shock many of you. I was just getting to the point after almost 500 days that I was dreading trying to get a picture, and my work was showing it. My challenge was taking me places with photography that I just didn’t like, so it is done. I will continue to use this site as a photographic journal as sorts and I would love it if you all stuck around; if not I understand.

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Jul 112011

The sunsets in Utah have been incredible for the last month or so. This one had great color, but the textures in the clouds was what had me grabbing my camera.

35mm f/1.8: 35mm f/4 1/125s ISO 200

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Jul 062011

There is no flower that smells better, no herb that tastes better, and no other plant that I love as much as Basil.  You want to talk about heaven try a GOOD caprese salad and by good I mean fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes right from the garden, sea salt, 30 year old balsamic vinegar, the best olive oil you can find and of course torn fresh basil.  I have only had that combination once and it was amazing.  If you can’t get all of these thing substitute with what you can and it will still be pretty darn good.

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Jul 052011

When  I bought my house this was the best corner of the yard.  Through the years and various different project this corner has been degraded into madness.  So one of my projects for this year is “Operation Reclaim the Corner”

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Jun 222011

Yeah I know I take alot of pictures of this little guy. But, come on look at him. How can I not take pictures of that??

I wanted to play with the picture, here is my edit.

And this is pretty much SOOC (I upped the saturation and the blacks is all)

For the record I prefer the bottom one.

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Jun 222011

A spider, a very little spider, ran acrossed my desk today at work. Without even thinking I reached over and squashed the stupid thing with my index finger. I then got up to wash my hands, but must have gotten distracted and forgot. A little while later I rubbed my eyes and it was like someone poured hot sand into my eyes. Then one swelled up like crazy within an hour when I would blink I could see the fluid move inside my eye, as near as I could see it looked like the entire white of my eye was a big blister. Yes, it was weird, and yes, it did freak me out. Apparently I had venom on my finger, which I then transferred to my eye. Luckily, my eye doctor (what are those guys called) had an open appointment and got me right in. This picture was after having my eye washed out thoroughly and two doses of an anti-inflammatory.  Four more doses and and good night sleep and I was looking 100% better.  Just a warning for everyone out there.

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